Empowering humans to prioritize their intimate health


Hemp derived CBD intimate care line.


As many as One Third  of vulva owners will experience vaginal infection symptoms during their lives. 

For years, intimate care and sexual wellness have been misunderstood and misdiagnosed. As a result, there has been a lack of consistent educational avenues, overuse of toxic products, and health-care gaslighting. 


The commonly known intimate products on the market include ingredients that harm the vagina, such as glycerin. A byproduct known to increase the chance of UTIs and yeast infections. Vulvas and vaginas absorb these harmful ingredients at a higher rate compared to the rest of the skin which can pose serious health risks including reproductive toxicity, infertility, and ovarian problems.


Kannavie is a complete line of clean full spectrum intimate care products, providing relief and comfort.

We empower humans to prioritize their intimate health through full spectrum, holistic product alternatives and straightforward discussions about intimate wellness & vaginal health. Supporting them through all of life’s milestones. 


Kannavie’s natural approach addresses the source of the problem by providing proactive solutions rather than temporarily relieving symptoms such as itching, irritation, and discomfort from clothing, or daily activity. As well as menstrual cramping, vaginal dryness, low libido and more.


CBD offers natural relief from vaginal pain, pelvic pain, and muscle pain.


Whether it is stress, anxiety, or dryness that stands in the way. CBD is uniquely capable of addressing each.


CBD has an anti-inflammatory property, which can benefit and soothe vulva skin.



My passion for intimate health started at a young age. Years of dealing with persistent health issues, with little to no guidance, led me to realize the subject of vaginal health is taboo in society.

I believe that a healthy vagina is the precursor to a healthy sex life AND cannabis is the key to promoting relaxation, reducing pain, and increasing pleasure.

That’s where Kannavie came along. I wanted to create a clean formula that people can trust around their intimate areas by infusing the healing effects of CBD. 


Creating the formula is just the beginning. My main goal is to give back to the communities that raised me. So humans with vaginas have access to clean products and don't have to continue suffering from the same issues many of us have experienced.





The shame surrounding vaginas and vulvas has done nothing other than create a lack of access to information on intimate health.

As a result, many people still don’t even know the difference between the vagina and vulva — much less how to care for either one. 

At Kannavie we aim to keep humans with vaginas informed. We believe straightforward discussions about sexual education are key.


Kannavie's vision is to become a pioneer in the intimate wellness industry by normalizing vaginal and sexual wellness through easily digestible education, and thriving communities.




Up to 500 million vulva owners are living each month in period poverty.

We aim to give back to the communities who need it most. 


There are up to 500 million vulva owners living each month in period poverty. We cannot profit off of this industry without being aware of the injustices and giving back to those who are in need. 

We will be donating a percentage of proceeds to help this cause close to our heart.