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5 Black Sex Educators Everyone Should be Following

In a world where sex education is often left to the schools, it's important to find quality sources of information about sex and sexuality. That's why today, we're highlighting five black sex educators who you should be following on social media. These educators are passionate about sharing their knowledge, and they offer valuable insights on everything from sexual health to intimacy. So if you want to learn more about inclusive sex ed, without the stigma be sure to check out these amazing educators!


1. Ericka Hart (@iharterika)

ericka hart posing topless to support breast cancer awareness


Ericka Hart is an award-winning writer, sex educator and breast cancer survivor whose work explores the intersectionality of race with sexuality. She has been writing about these issues for years to help people navigate their own identity in this complex world we live in today while also sharing her personal experiences as well!


2. Irma Garcia (@sexedwithirma


Irma is a pleasure activist who uses her platform to promote awareness of marginalized communities and teach people about sex. She does this through the use of infographics, reviews on various sex toys, as well podcast episodes where she interviews other like-minded individuals in Texas that are working toward creating more equitable societies for all races/genders!


3. Shan Boodram (@shanboody

shan boody

Shan Boodram is the intersections of sexy and confident, creating content for those who want to explore themselves sexually in hopes that they will grow more confident. Think Dr Ruth meets Rihanna— while still being educational about all things sex-related


4. Seshata Rose (seshatarose_)

seshata rose sex educator

Seshata Rose is a sex educator and self-care coach who helps people find their voice when it comes to advocating for pleasure. Her content has an element of sensuality, mixing honest information about the human body with creative ideas on how they can attune themselves more fully into their own feminine energies


5. Danielle (thesexpottherapist)

Her frank and refreshing approach to sex, love & relationships is pro-cannabis -body positive kink/queer friendly. A must for the sexually active individual looking for guidance in their personal lives or those interested on learning more about human sexuality!

Want to learn more about inclusive sex ed? Be sure to check out these amazing educators! You can also follow us on social media for other great intimate wellness content. Thanks for reading!

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