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Intimate Wellness - Now Empowered


Kannavie is a BIPOC and woman-led brand empowering humans to prioritize their intimate health through plant-based, holistic product alternatives and inclusive, straightforward discussions about intimate wellness & sexual health.


More than a place to get products. A place for support, connection + self love.

The lack of knowledge around sexual wellness leads many people into a cycle where they are not able express themselves. We can change this! With holistic alternatives like these exciting products and body literacy resources, we are here to support you through your intimate wellness journey.


BIPOC Woman-Owned + Led

Years of dealing with persistent health issues, without much support and guidance, put me in a place where I found it difficult to talk about intimate health. Society sees this as taboo, and that’s why Kannavie was born.

My ambitions go beyond giving people the opportunity to purchase these products – my goal is to create a space to empower humans to have these “uncomfortable” conversations, so we can destigmatize intimate health.

Our Non-Toxic Promise

Our plant based formulas are free of ingredients that could potentially cause sensitivity to your intimate areas, including glycerin, parabens, alcohols or artificial dyes/ fragrances!

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